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Water Heaters

Commercial water heaters account for about 10 % of the total energy load of many commercial facilities. Addressing the issue of high energy consumption, manufacturers supply high thermal efficiency water heater types, including gas and electric units that are environmentally friendly and reduce utility costs.

Commercial water heaters range from storage tank water heaters, tankless or on-demand units to electrical water heaters, heat pumps, and hot-water supply boilers. Hotels and gyms may use on-demand water heaters to meet continuous hot water loads, or rather circulating pumps which transfer heated water on demand to users throughout the building. Commercial water heaters fired by gas provide high thermal efficiency, using up to 95% of gas to heat up water. An energy efficient alternative to gas or oil water heaters, is the heat pump which uses half the energy of electric water heaters.

Commercial Water Heaters Services include but are not limited to:

Commercial water heaters are complex heating systems that require a specific design and professional installation; otherwise your business may encounter expensive problems due to improper sizing and installation. Commercial plumbers not only carry out professional water heater repair, installation and replacement, but further advise on the water heating system most energy efficient to your business.

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