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Commercial sewer design is composed of a network of pipelines called the sewerage system carrying rain water, waste water, and industrial water away from buildings to larger underground horizontal sewer mains, and terminating at sewage treatment facilities. Sewers back up due to rusting and cracking pipes, root intrusion, and calcification. Sewer clogs not only cause great inconvenience and pose health risks in the form of mold or bacteria contamination, but also generate harmful sewer backflows.

Root intrusion into drain lines is more likely to occur in old or cracking sewer pipes, and is reported to cause 50% of all sewer blockages. Aside from tree root invasion, water calcium deposits form a 'calcification' coating that clogs up sewer pipes and drain lines.

Commercial Sewer Services include but are not limited to:

Commercial sewer drain repair and sewer replacement methods have been replaced by the trenchless technology or Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP). Not only a cost effective alternative to sewer replacement, CIPP replaces old sewer lines with new pipes without digging damage to structures, floors and landscaping. Unlike conventional sewer replacement, CIPP restores strength to sewer pipes, prevents root intrusion and increases waste water flow capacity.

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