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Backflow Protection

Municipal water towers maintain a continuous high pressure water supply, and faucets in individual commercial premises create a low-pressure release to establish a one-way flow of water. With water pressure imbalances, contaminated water may backflow in the reverse direction from commercial buildings back into public water supply networks. Commercial backflows may contaminate public potable water system with non-potable substances, creating a wide spectrum of outcomes ranging from harmless to fatal. Installation of commercial backflow protection is essential to all cross connections in order to minimize the risk of public water supply contamination.

A backflow is the reversal in water direction, and can take place as a backpressure backflow or in its most common form - back-siphon. A back-siphon occurs due to a loss of pressure in the public water supply system. This pressure reduction creates a vacuum where non-potable water may be back siphoned into the fresh water supply.

A downstream pressure that is greater than the supply pressure may cause a backpressure backflow. Water supply pressure reductions occur whenever the amount of water being used exceeds the amount of water being supplied - during water line flushing, fire fighting operations, or breaks in water mains.

Commercial Backflow Protection Services include but are not limited to:

Backflow prevention devices are installed and maintained at the service connection of each premises to protect municipal water supply from contamination - but it does not prevent sewer backflow in individual business plumbing systems. Commercial backflow protection includes dual check devices, testable double check valves, air gaps and testable reduced pressure zone devices. Backflow protection devices must be tested periodically to ensure proper functioning with calibrated gauge equipment.

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