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Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (AC), are the three components that form an HVAC system and work together to regulate indoor climate, ensure indoor air circulation, and adequate indoor air quality. High population buildings require commercial HVAC systems to minimizes health-related risks, and improve work productivity. Providing thermal comfort and automatic control of humidity and air flow, HVAC systems consume the most energy in commercial buildings. An energy efficient working HVAC system depends on proper sizing and professional installation for a comfortable and healthy living workplace.

During winters, commercial spaces are kept comfortably warm by a central heating system such as a furnace or water heater/boiler, in which air is heated and is then delivered to every room in the office. Air ventilation is the exchange of carbon dioxide with oxygen to ensure fresh indoor air free of moisture, pollutant, dust and airborne bacteria. AC operates a periodic cycle in which warm air is removed and cycled back as cooler air, through the use of refrigerant evaporation. This cycle ensures the cooling and dehumidification of indoor air, and further cleans air from dust, pollen, mold, smoke, and everyday dirt.

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