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Septic Tanks

Serving restaurants, resorts and other businesses, commercial septic systems are similar to residential units as both are installed in areas without municipal sewer systems. Functioning as a liquid waste disposal system, a commercial septic system safely recycles waste water back into the natural environment via a highly efficient underground waste water treatment network.

Commercial plumbing pipes carry waste water from fixtures and appliances to the septic tank through the drain-waste-vent system. A watertight septic tank collects waste water, and separates solids from liquids. Solids lighter than water, such as fats, greases, and oils float to the top of the tank, forming a layer of scum, while heavy solids sink to the bottom, creating a layer of sludge. Bacteria decompose scum and sludge layers to effluent liquid that is then delivered to a soil treatment system called a drain-field or leach-field. Unbroken sludge and scum are accumulated in the tank until pumped out. A drain-field is composed from perforated pipes running through a series of underground trenches - for waste water to be biologically filtered as it trickles out of the pipes into the gravel and down through the soil.

Commercial Septic Tank Services include but are not limited to:

Commercial facilities must ensure the pretreatment of waste water with the installation of grease traps or grease interceptors, otherwise over accumulation of fats, oils and greases on drain field will plug the septic system. Septic tanks failure prevents complete treatment of wastewater from harmful particles. Non potable water will then by recycled back into the environment to jeopardize human health and the natural surroundings.

Symptoms of a septic tank failure:

Septic system failure is most commonly the result of improper design or installation, overuse of water, or lack of proper maintenance. A commercial septic tank must be cleaned or pumped, and further requires flushing and back-flushing every one to three years, for the complete removal of unbroken sludge and scum.

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